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West Grove United Methodist Church


This website is 100% database-driven. You will not find a static page on this site. Church administrators have a complete custom built back-end administrative section for maintaining content and images on every page of the website. Additionally, the website includes a member's only section where church members can receive/share information with fellow congregation members, complete their own member profile, and volunteer for various events and groups.

PHP   •   MySQL   •   HTML   •   CSS   •   Custom CMS

Westtown-East Goshen Police Association


WeGoPoliceAssn.com is the official website of the Westtown-East Goshen Police Association in Chester County, Pennsylvania. This website includes a secure member section as well as an administrative section where officers belonging to the association may interact and receive important work-related information.

Some of the administrative functions include – uploading current work schedule, posting new articles, tracking PayPal donations, managing administrators and members, and maintaining financial balance sheets. Several new features include a public comments/admin response section, newsletter subscription list, and a custom voting system.

PHP   •   MySQL   •   HTML   •   CSS

Aston Township Police Department


AstonPD.com is the official website of the Aston Township Police Department, Delaware County, PA. This website is an xml-driven website. We saved the department money by not having to build an admin section, but a tech-savvy officer can change the site content by editing XML files without affecting the design or layout of the site.

PHP   •   XML   •   HTML   •   CSS

Delaware County Law Enforcement and Public Safety Career Day


Website provided information and registration for the Delaware County Law Enforcement and Public Safety Career Day. One of the few static sites we have built, however PHP was still used to generate the pages and process the registration forms.

PHP   •   HTML   •   CSS

Meet You Halfway


MeetYouHalfway.com is a unique website that makes it easy and fun for two or more parties to find a hallway point between them. It is the only website of its kind that can find the midpoint between two or more starting locations.

We developed the entire website architecture including the front-end User Interface as well as the back-end server side code, database architecture, and integration of the MapQuest JavaScript mapping API. There is also a password-protected advertiser section of the website.

PHP   •   MySQL   •   HTML   •   CSS   •   MapQuest Mapping API   •   AJAX   •   JavaScript   •   XML

Baby DiRamio Birthday Pool


BabyDiRamio.com was a fun baby pool website where family members and friends could register and make predictions as to the date, time, and gender of a child's birthday.

The website was built with PHP and MySQL. Registered members were limited to two guesses and each date/time/gender was limited to only one member.

PHP   •   MySQL   •   HTML   •   CSS

What They Gave


WhatTheyGave.com is a fun, easy, and free website that enables users to track gifts they receive from birthdays, holidays, bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, graduation parties, etc.

Members can add unlimited events and unlimited gifts received for each event. There is a grand total of gifts received for each event as well as an overall total across all events.

The website was coded in PHP and all calls to MySQL are made through stored procedures.

PHP   •   MySQL   •   Stored Procedures   •   HTML   •   CSS

Gigabyte Gurus Table Maker

Custom Internal Application

The Gigabyte Gurus Table Maker is an internal application we developed for faster website generation.

PHP   •   MySQL   •   HTML   •   CSS